Fathers and Mentors: When they Reminisce Over You, What Will They Say?

One of my mentors in the area of health, family, faith and relationships…

Bernando LaPallo born in Vitoria, Brazil. His father a doctor who lived to 99 years old, his mother lived to be 105 and his grandmother lived to be 108.


Mr. LaPallo outlived two of his three children and his two wives. Bernando also had a strict diet of vegetables and fruits. His five “secret” foods were said to be: cinnamon, chocolate, garlic, honey, and olive oil.
Bernando LaPallo died on 19 December 2015 at the age of 114 from natural causes.
I asked his granddaughter who is now over 50 years old what did she miss about her grandfather whom she cared for over 5 years ago since his departure out of this life from her.  She said to me:
1. The sound of his voice 
2. His cooking 
3. His smell 
4. His calming presence 
5. His story telling 
6. Talking with him for hours about health topics 
7. Just hanging out 


Respectfully admitting to our youth, we need you, because there is no future without you and without vision

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