Our Mission

Introduction: Years ago, a 17-year-old boy graduating from high school did one of three things: he got a job, joined the Army, or went to college. If he went to college, then once he got out (by graduating or otherwise) he got a job or joined the military. The point is that at 18, ready or not, a boy was expected to be an adult man.

Today, male adulthood has been postponed. Adolescence now extends through college. It is common to see late-twenties, early-thirties men dress, act, and talk like teenagers. Sadly, instead of embracing their roles as grown adult men, they live as overgrown, self-indulgent, self-centered children. Their masculinity is postponed, and their adulthood is deferred

Importance: To demolish this mindset and conditioning we believe that change occurs over a lifetime by intentionally coming along side men who are willing to be trained, mentored, and encouraged to live biblically. To help those who desire to raise the standard in their life for the current and next generation

Objective: Based on the critical condition that we are facing participants must intentionally:

  • attend our training workshops (in person, via zoom and conferences)
  • commit to biblically mentoring and the mentoring of others for accountability
  • participate and facilitate online meetings and groups
  • hold one another accountable to walk in biblical principles and
  • live life to a higher standard above and beyond the norm for maximum impact in their sphere of influence


Warning: If you are looking for buffoonery, passivity and political correctness mixed with a slice of nonsense. Then this is not the place for you.  The counsel and knowledge you gain from us will be detrimental to your ignorance.

All we want to owe you and extend to you is love.  Contact us via the website if you are interested in moving forward

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