Mr. Travious (“Travis”) Goines, (CPLC)

Sometimes called: The Comeback kid!

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Travis has been called a talented, tell it like it is, passionate and presenter.  His passion for sharing wisdom, education, and knowledge to see lives change has impacted many.  His skills and impactful training have brought him before churches of various denominations, men’s groups and conferences, local juvenile detention centers, and adult prisons for men and women.

Starting his journey in the 1980s Travis was mentored under the late John Ennis in Philadelphia, PA in his first church, Salvation Deliverance Tabernacle.  Mr. Ennis was a husband, carpenter, World War II veteran, mechanic, Hammond B3 organ player, Bible teacher, and spoke Spanish as a second language.  Later in his life Travis would encounter other mentors such as Dr. Bill Bennett, founder of Mentoring Men for the Master (Wilmington, DE) and the late Lieutenant Colonel Gregory O. Evans, retired Army.

Travis holds an MA degree in Online Instructional Design from Capella University and is presently pursuing a doctorate from Master’s International University of Divinity (MIUD).  Travis was also ordained as Minister and Elder in his former church Practical Living Ministry of Woodbridge, VA.  Travis received a Bachelor of Theology degree from Christian Life School of Theology which was founded by Dr. Ron Cottle.  Later Travis continued his studies by taking a few courses at one Dallas Theological Seminary satellite campuses where he gained additional understanding of the Bible.  Travis continues to read, research, and apply principles that pertain to everyday life.  He believes in a relationship with God, NOT religion, which has brought harm to many good people.

Travis is a Certified Professional Life Coach, (CPLC) and has experience in training, developing, and creating applicable courses. His skills, talents, and speaking abilities have allowed him to train in various places such as intelligence communities, the Pentagon, and with men's groups.  Today Travis continues to be mentored by mature men in his life, as he mentors others.

Travis has been married to his wife, Terri, for over 26 years and has been blessed with three beautiful children. He is an active minister in his local church, Mclean Bible Church, located in Northern Virginia. In 2015 he published his first book, "A Good Word for Every Day," and he is currently working on his fifth book.



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