Things you will NOT find with this website or in our workshops


  • PEP RALLY SESSIONS – We are here to build biblical Fathers and mentors. We are not here to attack, embarrass, or put down men. To much of that has taken place, however we are here to train and equip men to be men of honor or double honor.  Why do we kill our fallen men?
  • BLAME – We are not here to blame women or anyone. Our purpose is to build, mentor, train and come alongside those who have a desire to grow and become biblical Fathers and mentors in the life of others
  • RELEVANCE – We are here to show that Jesus was not a punk with long hair smiling, pick up children and being a victim. We are here to address topics that will mature and not be left unspoken because of political correctness or fear
  • A REAL MAN” – This site deals with teaching and training men to see that they were made to lead in their environment, train others, loving guide, protect and lead their families and learn how to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to make an impact in their generation that lives beyond them
  • THE ANSWER TO WHY MORE MEN ARE NOT BIBLICAL FATHERS AND MENTORS – The reasons for this are many.  This site and our workshops are design to explain, exam and address ignorance.  When men are impacted by one another it makes a life changing difference.  We know the behavior (sin) now we are to address what repentance, restoration and training in right living looks like to a world that calls right wrong and wrong right


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