The Barber Shop Chronicles by Travious L Goines


Come listen in on the stories and wisdom of the Barbershop Chronicles as you hear from instructors like T-Bone, Shaquanita, Hassan, and others. You will learn lessons on what life has taught some whom you may never meet. Perhaps you will reflect on, pick up, and be willing to make adjustments to your game plan. You may realize that your idea is good, but it leaves out God, and that you have moved hastily because God has not moved fast enough for you. We never lose in life. We either WIN or apply the wisdom that we have learned.
Move forward in faith and not in speculation, foolishness, or without consulting wise people. Remember, you don’t want to miss the lessons that life teaches you. If you do, the school for a stubborn fool will be waiting for you, or you will die first. Time is something that we can never get back, and all we have is now. So read this book at your own risk. It is for grown folks. You may be too young to understand.
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