Fathers and Mentors by Travious L Goines


Years ago, a 17-year-old boy graduating from high school would do one of three things: get a job, join the Army, or go to college. If he would go to college, then once he got out (by graduating or otherwise), he would get a job or join the military. The point is that at 18, ready or not, a boy was expected to be an adult man. Today, male adulthood has been postponed. Adolescence now extends through college. It is common to see late-twenties, early-thirties men dress, act, and talk like teenagers. Sadly, instead of embracing their roles as grown adult men, they live as overgrown, self-indulgent, self-centered children. Their masculinity is postponed, and their adulthood is deferred. This book gives positive and practical biblical principles on how one can grow with the help of fathers and mentors in their lives. Even if you were never fathered, there are practical suggestions that will help you grow and to help you recover from mistakes of your past that you had no control over. This book is not designed to give destructive criticism regarding an

Alarming problem that exists today, but to give constructive feedback and advice for those who desire to grow as men. Not only read it but, also put into practice everything that you read. One day history will talk about you. What will your legacy say about you?
Use this copy for yourself and refer to it often.  Also, pick up a copy for someone who thinks they know everything already!’

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