Fathers and Mentors: A chat with Dr. Frederick Kenneth Price from Los Angeles, CA

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Dynamic and divinely appointed, Dr. Frederick Kenneth Price, the son of world-renowned teachers and ministers, the late Apostle Frederick K.C. Price and Dr. Betty R. Price, is head Pastor of Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC). 

A charismatic bible scholar, Dr. Price leads the 8,000-member congregation with reverence and relatability as he seeks to inspire and educate generations of believers.   

Now in his second decade of preaching the Gospel, the 44-year-old pastor brings a fearless and faithful style to the ministry.  Like his father before him, he is not afraid to take on convention in the name of Christ.  

Dr. Price was the first minister to implement a Hip Hop sermon during the main church service. The first event, aptly named, “Hip Hop Sunday,” drew nearly 10,000 people. Originally held every 5
th Sunday, Hip Hop Sunday transcended into “The Blueprint” with a mission of bridging the gap between young and mature believers.  

 Growth, study, and devotion are central to Dr. Price’s ministry. As a youngster growing up in the church, many hoped he would go into the ministry, but Dr. Price says he was neither encouraged nor discouraged. Instead, he was “called,” and at the tender age of 19, he knew he would become a pastor and teacher.  

 And to be a good teacher, Dr. Price understands he has to be a serious student. That’s why he’s constantly reading the Word, praying, and reflecting as he matures in his walk with God. A devoted servant, husband, and father of three, he is led by the Holy Spirit who he credits with guiding his words and deeds. 

 While he thinks globally, Dr. Price acts locally. Born and raised in LA, he has an understanding and affinity for the area and the needs of its people. That’s why CCC partners with Care Portal to support foster youth and with Union Rescue Mission to help tackle homelessness.  

 The ministry’s campus at 79th and Vermont, on the former grounds of Pepperdine University, is also the site of monthly Red Cross Blood Drives to benefit the community, and was one of the City’s first COVID testing and vaccination sites during the height of the pandemic. 

 Dr. Price credits his father for his unflinching ability to “tell it like it is.” He is grateful for his parents’ combination of virtue and valor which serves him well as he seeks new ways to spread the Word of God and meet the needs of people.   

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