Fathers and Mentors: What keeps a leader grounded? Four Faces

There are four faces to every man:

There’s the face that he sees when he looks in the mirror.  First Corinthians says nobody knows what’s inside that man except that man himself. There’s no way anybody else can know.

Second, there’s the man that his family sees because they live with him. They see him at his best, they see him at his worst, they see him elated, they see him depressed, they see him with high highs, and they see him with low lows.

Third, there’s the face that the congregation and people at work see.

Finally there’s a fourth Person who is seeing him, and that’s how he looks to the Lord.  It’s not always easy to balance this all out, but there is such a thing as living in a way that maintains integrity with your family, integrity with people, integrity with the Lord, and then your own self-respect and sense of self-worth.

Everybody should realize they have four faces.

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