A Good Word For You Today…A Father’s Perspective!!


One day a man questioned God about why he was not seeing the answer to his prayer.  He was very angry at God and sat in his room having an intense conversation with God.  God are you there?  I have prayed and you have not come through and answered me?  Do you really exist?

Suddenly the man was interrupted by his five year son who was playing next to him.  ‘Daddy, the boy replied, please fix my toy truck.’  The boy handed the toy to his father and continued to play with the rest of his toys.  Immediately the father received a revelation and answer from God.

The man had not given the problem that he faced over to God and left it there for God to answer.  Instead he bugged and nagged God everyday for answers that he did not see.  The man realized at that moment that he should have been thanking God everyday for what he was hoping for along with corresponding action.  Instead he had stressed himself out over a matter that he had not control.

His 5 year son had showed him the art of trusting his father and continuing on playing with his toys because he had complete confidence that his dad would fix the broken toy.

  • Today how have you thanked God for answers to prayers regarding your children?

  • When they come around you do you demonstrate the love of God or are you full of sermons?

  • Have you lowered your standards to please them instead of lowering your expectations of perfection due to your pride?

  • Do you remember that you were once a novice and that you are growing in some areas of your life?

As a man thinks in the deepest part of himself, he will say it with his/her mouth and they soon have what they have been saying, believing and acting upon.  I can either build, or tear down with my own mouth. That’s how powerful of a gift my words are.

How will you use your mouth today?

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