A Good Word For You Today….What Does Your Faith Look Like??? Can Your Family See It?


What does your faith look like if I asked you?  I find that many people have no clue of how to answer this question when asked.  Let me ask it another way, what has your faith produced that I would be able to see?  You see many say they have faith but they have no evidence nor can they share what THEY HAVE done to obtain what they were hoping for.
When are you going to put your faith in action?  Do you not have confidence in your own words or are the words of others more IMPACTFUL in your life than yours.  God is waiting for you to STOP calling him a liar by your actions and your mouth that contradicts his word.
Realize this:  If God showed us the whole journey, we’d never take the first step.
Intentionally today:
Conduct your life by faith and not by sight
Realize for the believer that faith is life
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