A Good Word For You Today..Are You Selfish All Year Long, Until this Time of Year?

I gave a little party this afternoon and it was just the three, it was very small three guest in all, I, Myself, and Me.  Myself enjoyed all the sandwiches while I drank and enjoyed my eggnog and tea, And you already know I had to eat some pie later as I enjoyed being alone with just Me.  The next day I continued my party as I passed the cake to Me


Self interest is good, but only being concerned about yourself is wrong.  If I want to be blessed, but never a blessing to someone else, then this is selfish.  Kindness is niceness in action; NOT once a year and with a motive for something in return. E.g. I give you…..You give me:

  • sex
  • money
  • what I think you should

Eph. 2:10..I was created for good works.  For both kindness and good works that glorifies God, brings people to God, helps them improve for the kingdom of God in his name and it changes their destiny as one of my former mentors named John Ennis (if he was alive today he would be 104 years old) did for me and my family.

Does your theology match up with what you practice and live everyday in your life?

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