Series: Health Check up! Part 1


Stay pure my young woman/man.  Don’t give away yourself to someone who has not committed to you for life.  PLEASE don’t waste your seed or time.  Learn how to observe people closely.  What do they say, what do they not say?  What are their habits?  Where are they going and do they have a relationship with God outside of Sunday morning?  Don’t ask them OBSERVE, SHUT UP AND LEARN—

Author: Travious (Son, brother, husband, father, writer, speaker, minister of the gospel, song writer, mentor to some, Nazarite)

I only want lyrics that will build me up and not cuss at me and tear me down.  I love myself too much to allow someone else to curse me and make money off of me at the same time while I dance to the beat like a trained monkey.

What about you, do you agree with me?  Am I JUDGING?  YES!  I am responsible for judging ME and what I allow or not that is in my control.  What about you me young and old friend?


I am happy that this guy Todd Bangz Elliot wrote this song: Not 4 Me (Feat. B Dill)

All credit to Mr. Todd Bangz Elliot, go to YouTube


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